We are invested in our communities and their future.

WE have a long history

With deep roots in the area

First National Bank of Bosque County was organized in 1896, and received its National Charter in 1908.The main office of the Bank has been in the same location in Valley Mills since that time.


Our Presidents are locals

Presidents of the Bank have been Dr. W.T. McNeill, A.S. Tweedy, Roy Pool, James H. Sears, John Gilliam, Fern White, J. Mark Gibson, and Micah Boles -- all of whom lived in the counties we serve.


Owners and employees are locals

Owners of the Bank were originally Bosque County residents and ownership today is still held by longtime Bosque County residents. The Bank has grown from $25,000 in total assets at its inception to over $120 million today. The Bank primarily serves Bosque County and western McLennan County .


We have a desire for the people, businesses, schools, and organizations in our communities to prosper.  If we work together to support others, then it benefits us all.  As a community bank, we invest in the communities we serve; we help to build the local economy; we make loans; we donate to local charities; we support youth sports,  livestock shows, barbeque cook-offs, hospitals, and arts programs.  Our employees are involved with local organizations.  When you call us you’ll be talking to a neighbor, not someone across the state or across the globe;; we offer banking on a first name basis.




John Gilliam

J. Mark Gibson

Joe Hendrix

Jo Cash

Allison Gilliam

Micah Boles

Jennifer Boles



Micah Boles: President & Chief Executive Officer

J. Mark Gibson : Chairman & Senior Loan Officer

John Gilliam : Vice Chairman

Brent Rickels: Senior VP & Chief Information Officer

Jerry White: Senior Vice President

Coke Gibbs: Vice President & Cashier

Aleene Hood: Vice President & Compliance Officer

Roger Parks: Vice President

Bryant Schuetz: Vice President

Zoe Sparks: Vice President


Bosque County

Early Spanish explorers bestowed the name Bosque (pronounced boss-kee) meaning "wooded." The first survey for land grants in the Bosque Valley came about in 1839. In 1849, a few years after Texas attained statehood, the first permanent settlers arrived to a territory still roamed by Native Americans. By 1854, the number of settlers living in Bosque Territory had increased, and Bosque County was created.



Our government regulator is the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency


We are a member of the FDIC and our deposits are insured by them.


We are a member of the Federal Reserve System.